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Linux Cloud Server Plans

JCI cloud servers are complete professional quality servers ready to go with on-site backups, flexible expansion, dual-homed Internet connections and unlimited tech support. Everything is included and there are no surprise bills at the end of the month.

Build the cloud server you need by selecting a plan with the aggregate number of Base Units to obtain the CPU, memory, disk, IPs, bandwidth and backup required to support your application.

Note that you can always increase (or decrease) the number of Base Units allocated to your server.

JCI Cloud

Your cloud server runs on a cluster of enterprise level hardware nodes. Cloud VPS servers are duplicated across the cluster such that if the hardware node running your cloud server goes down, another hardware node will restart your server within minutes.

Standard Plans - Linux VPS Cloud Servers
Cloud Server Plans* Memory Hard Disk Space Number of IPs Bandwidth BackUp Space Monthly Price** 6 Mo. Price** Annual Price**  
1 Base Unit Plan 2 GB 30 GB 1 1000 GB 20 GB $9.90/mo $9.33/mo $9.08/mo Order
2 x Base Units 4 GB 60 GB 2 2000 GB 40 GB $19.80/mo $18.67/mo $18.17/mo Order
3 x Base Units 6 GB 90 GB 3 3000 GB 60 GB $29.70/mo $28.00/mo $27.25/mo Order
4 x Base Units 8 GB 120 GB 4 4000 GB 80 GB $39.60/mo $37.17/mo $36.22/mo Order
5 x Base Units 10 GB 150 GB 5 5000 GB 100 GB $49.50/mo $46.50/mo $45.42/mo Order
6 x Base Units 12 GB 180 GB 6 6000 GB 120 GB $59.40/mo $55.83/mo $54.41/mo Order

* Custom plans with additional Base Units and short term usage situations can also be made available [MORE INFO]
** Discounts available for students, non-profits and for 6-month and 12-month payment plans [MORE INFO]

 Server Base Units

Our Linux VPS Cloud Server hosts are partitioned into multiple Base Units that can be seamlessly merged to provide a cloud server with the amount of CPU, memory, disk, bandwidth and backup space that you need for your application. Base Units are a convenient way to allocate host resources to provide customers with the flexibility to configure a cloud server with the right performance and resources for their application. And as mentioned above, as conditions change you can always increase (or decrease) the number of Base Units allocated to your server.

 VPS Server Features

  • Root Access
  • Includes Backup Space
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Easy Upgrade Path
  • Unlimited Tech Support
  • Reboot via Shell or Control Panel
  • Firewall (IP tables)
  • SSAE 16 Type II Facility

 Operating Systems

You can select the most recent versions of Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora or FreeBSD as your operating system.

 Account Management

  • Check your bandwidth use
  • Reboot your system
  • Change your password
  • See your billing status
  • Update your Credit Card or PayPal
  • Update contact information

 Terms of Service

Terms of Service for JCI services and servers can be seen at Terms of Service