Providing the highest quality Internet connectivity and performance is our top priority. We connect via fiber to eight premium, Tier-1 bandwidth backbone providers ensuring redundancy, minimal latency and fast connect speed, i.e., AT&T, Time Warner Cable, TW Telecom, TelePacific, Cogent, XO, COX Business and Level 3. With dual sourced backbone connectivity, your connections will be optimized to minimize the effect of day-to-day fluctuations in the status of any one network provider.


Each JohnCompanies hosted server connects through our local network at a fixed 100 Mbps (or optional 1000 Mbps) data rate to redundant 10 Gigabit Cicso backbone routers. Our policy on bandwidth use is to meter your total monthly data transfer but NOT place a limit on your connect speed. In this way you will always have the ability to satisfy peak short-term traffic demands.

By maintaining more than 50% headroom above peak demand on all network connections, we have the ability to serve the steady-state and peak bandwidth needs of our smallest to largest customers. Our BGP and FCP route optimization will always choose the quickest path to get data from your server to the user.

Network Security

Network security is a high priority and starts with redundant dedicated firewalls. You may specify up to 10 firewalls rules that we will set up in addition to any firewalls that you install on your server. We also continuously monitor network activity for unusual traffic patterns and/or unusually high bandwdith use and take measures as appropriate to analyze, notify owners and then if warranted null route any IP address being attacked.

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