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We offer discounts for purchase of a 6-month or 12-month pre-paid subscription. The 12-month subscription includes 1 month free.

We also offer a 5% multi-server discount for each server after the first server. Please use the Request Quote Link under Options below if you are ordering more than one server.

There are additional JCI discounts for students, educators, nonprofits and for developers using the server for open-source development work.
Please use the Request Quote Link under Options below and state your qualifications for the discount.
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We can customize your server for processor speed, increased RAM, SSD or SAS drives, private local network, Windows Server OS and special RAID arrays.

Please specify your preferred option(s) and request a quote using the Request Quote link below.
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We provide a shared firewall for all dedicated server customers. You may specify up to 10 firewall rules and request updates or changes at any time. As an option you may also order a dedicated firewall for your exclusive use. Contact our sales department for details and quotes

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Status Monitor

For a cost of only $5/month/server we will set up a server monitor that will check your server ssh and/or ping status every 5 minutes and alert you to problems. We will notify you via email, text or pager.

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Back-Up Space

LOCAL - Local Backup space is included with your server plan and there is no bandwidth penalty for using it. Local Backup space is provided as a service for use by JCI hosted servers. The amount of included backup space varies by plan. Upon request we will provide a script that you can load on your server to perform backups. You can increase the amount of Local Backup space at any time with an email request . Additional Local Backup space is only $0.15/GB per month.

OFFSITE - As an option you can order our offsite Secure Online Backup service [More Info] that allows standard offsite or geo-redundant offsite secure online filesystem backup (rsync, ftp/sftp/scp, rdiff-backup, WebDAV). This optional back-up space can be ordered with your JCI server at a 10% discount from our standard pricing. You may use the Secure Online Backup service for any desktop, server, laptop, etc. you want and there is never a charge for bandwidth use. (Note however that use of this off-site backup service by your JCI server will count against your JCI server bandwidth allocation.)

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Remote KVM over IP

If not built into your server, our dedicated server plans allow temporary use of a secure KVM over IP device that provides out-of-band remote KVM access and reboot via browser and ID/password log-in.

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Network Connection

JCI dedicated servers utilize a 100mbps connection to the Internet. Our policy on bandwidth use is to measure your total monthly data transfer but NOT limit your connect speed. In this way you will always have the ability to handle peak short-term traffic demands.

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Bandwidth Limit

We do not place a stop limit on your monthly bandwidth use unless instructed by you to do so. You will be advised via email when your monthly usage is at the 90% level. You can also monitor bandwidth usage at any time by logging into your Account Manager.

Less than 1% of our customers ever exceed 90% of their bandwidth allocation.

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Account Manager with Bandwidth Monitor

Each JCI customer will have access to our Account Manager feature through Log-In on our web site. The Account Manager allows you to monitor bandwidth use and check your payment and billing status.

The bandwidth monitor can be very useful in tracking down unusual traffic patterns by IP, server or cumulative for all servers. The bandwidth monitor is reset to "0" at the beginning of each month but a search function allows you to view previous bandwidth usage from the time your server goes on-line.

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Load Balancing

As an option we can provide load balancers for customers with multiple web servers. You can order low-cost "round robin" type load balancing or dedicated hardware load balancers. Contact our sales department for details and quotes.

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Remote Management and Dedicated KVM Module

The Super Server Plan and Dual Processor Plans include a secure Remote Management Module (RMM) with a separate IP address that allows out-of-band remote KVM access and reboot via browser and ID/password log-in.

The RMM is a dedicated management network interface card. It runs regardless and independent of the state of your server and does not depend on the installed OS. Some of the extensive remote management capabilities include:

  • KVM (attach to your server's console as though you were directly connected via keyboard, monitor and mouse)
  • remote power management (power down/up or reset your server)
  • health monitoring
  • usb media redirection (mount a local CD to your server in order to load/install software)

All JCI standard dedicated cloud servers uitlize hardware RAID1 disk arrays. While hard drive reliability is improving, hard drives (since they have moving parts) are still the most likely component to fail in your server. Unless you request a single drive option, we provision all standard dedicated servers with a hardware RAID controller card and two mirrored hard drives so that failure of one hard drive will not cause a server crash or loss of data. This means your server stays up and you stay on line. This feature has saved the day for many customers especially when they have not been diligent in backups.

As an option we will set up a RAID5 or RAID6 array using 3 or 4 hard drives.

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